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Saturday, June 13, 2020


In a previous post I shared how much I enjoyed learning how to make foam flowers!  I've made many hairpiece/haircombs for my Etsy shop.  This time I decided to apply that knowledge to a wedding sash. 

I began with a two inch double faced satin (champagne colored) ribbon.  I then added a really unique lace applique that had both champagne and off white threads; cutting and placing it onto the sash. 

To make the flowers, I start with just plain white foam.  While it does come in a variety of colors, they're extremely vibrant, and I like more subtle colors for many of my wedding projects.  In this case I wanted a blush color.

You can use pastels, stamp ink or in this case, I actually chose to use craft paint and a small brush.  I did that after I cut out the flowers, but before I began the process of actually shaping the foam.  
For additional embellishments, I hand sewed on pearls, crystals, and gold beads.  For some sparkle I added clear sequins as well.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  All my ribbon sashes are about 3 yards long, which makes for a beautiful bow with extra long tails to drape down the back of the gown. 

A sash is a great way for the bride to add a touch of the wedding color palette, while also adding a lovely accent to her gown.  Not to mention, it really shows off that waistline quite nicely!