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Monday, February 7, 2022


 One of the details I really wanted to be a part of for my daughter's wedding was to create a bridal robe for the morning of her wedding day.   I visualized something very unique and sought my inspiration from "Old Hollywood".  Specifically the '40s.  At that time, robes were often referred to as dressing gowns or peignoirs, and they were "dreamy". 

It's actually two pieces.  A satin nightgown underneath a chiffon robe. 

The picture on the right shows the nightgown itself.  It's very loose fitting with a low back that allowed her to step into and out of it, since I knew her hair and makeup would be done while she was wearing it.  I cut the lower panel on the opposite grain of the top portion to highlight the sheen of the satin.  
Below are some pictures of the chiffon robe in various stages of completion.  As well as the Rita Hayworth inspiration.  It has a wide "cumberbund" style waistband made of satin to match the nightgown.  The chiffon of the robe, created a beautiful drape, just as I had hoped.   I left the back extra long to resemble the train of a wedding gown.   The extra full sleeves were super fun.  My daughter said they were "wizard sleeves".  

I'm so pleased with the way that it turned out!  My daughter looked gorgeous, and I know she felt extra special, just like a bride should on her wedding day.