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Sunday, March 31, 2019


I love these little phyllo tart shells!  This is the second appetizer recipe I've made using these.  They allow for plenty of creativity in the way of fillings, and they have lots of eye appeal too!
The centerpiece for this appetizer is shrimp.  You can literally have these made in about 20 minutes.


1 pkg. phyllo tart shells (15 count)
1 7.5 oz carton cream cheese spread (with onion/chives)
cocktail sauce
1/2 tsp. worchestershire sauce
1/8 tsp. lemon juice 
1 pkg. medium size peeled and deveined shrimp, tails removed


I cook my shells per the package directions.  Let them cool.  Take approximately 6 oz. of the cream cheese mixture and place it in a bowl.  Add the worchestershire and lemon juice and blend with a spoon.  

Fill each shell with cream cheese, top with cocktail sauce and finally the shrimp.  Sprinkle on chopped parsley.  Chill thoroughly before serving. 

Serve with slices of lemon. 


recipe adapted from:

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Sometimes I create items specifically for a client, other times, I just create for the sake of creating!  This is one of the latter.  I just had a vision for a cathedral veil with a very dramatic hemline that I just had to create.  It's now available on my Etsy shop and I'm hopeful there's a bride out there who loves it as much as I do!

This particular cathedral veil is exceptionally wide which will create a wonderful framework for the bride's gown.  It has large appliques around the perimeter and a centerpiece medallion drawing the eye up the center back. 
I used a different applique for the medallion and the side detailing.  I love the florals and leaves!  This veil is made of  a diamond white tulle and matching lace appliques.  It compliments the majority of gowns today since many brides are choosing a "bridal white" or "light ivory" for their gowns.