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Sunday, June 3, 2012


As part of the redecoration of the upstairs bath, I wanted to add some wall stenciling.  You can find a relatively large selection at Michael's, JoAnn's and Michael's.   I've learned to hang on to my purchases since I've found that I have reused them over the years; some of them are pretty pricey, so it makes sense not to toss them after the project is completed.   Many of them are pretty durable; holding up well through several uses and the plastic is easy to clean with paper towel.  I apologize for the pictures; again bathroom lighting is a challenge!

Other than the stencil templates, you'll need either firm brushes or stencil sponges, stencil paint and masking tape.

A couple of tips to ensure a quality outcome:
  • Be sure to use stencil paint; it comes in a little tub and is the consistency of paste which keeps it from seeping beneath the stencil.  Also, there are plenty of colors to choose from.
  • Be sure to use either a firm brush or stencil sponges to apply the paint.
  • Based upon the pressure you use when blotting and/or the number of layers of paint you choose to use, you can control the intensity of the final color of the finished product; from pastel to rich.
  • I use my other hand to hold the template firmly to the wall as I'm blotting; this helps to ensure the paint doesn't bleed underneath and makes for clean lines; especially those that are more delicate.
 After I applied the green to the foliage and the pink to the flowers, I came back and hand painted in some petals and dots with purple and gold (other colors in the shower curtain and decoupage tiles) with craft paints and a paintbrush.  I also added some contrasting green paint to some of the leaves for added interest.

I placed a double repeat of stencils between the countertop and the medicine chest, as well as inside the shower stall itself; above the tile line.   The room is really coming together now!

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