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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Thanks to the generosity of many of the wedding guests, my daughter and son-in-law have been using many of the gift cards they received to decorate their home.  They now have a color theme in mind for the Master Bedroom and recently bought a new bedspread for the guest room.   With the change in the bedspread for the guest room, the throw pillows no longer coordinated, nor were they needed.  Voila', that left pillows available for the Master; just what they were looking for to add some contrasting color to the room!
The pillow forms themselves were in good shape, so with some new fabric, they were good as new.  As you can see, the accent colors are red and grey; nice touch for the white/black main theme.  Pillows are about the easiest things you can make.  Really!  

It's amazing what you can do with a yard of fabric.  Here are a couple tips for you:
  • Cut the fabric the exact size of the pillow form versus adding the seam allowances into your measurements; that way, once you take your half inch seam allowances, the fabric will be nice and taught against the form versus looking under-filled.
  • At the corners, take a bit of a curved route versus stitching a perfect 90 degree angle at the corner.  That will minimize those really pointy corners.
Pillows are an awesome project for a novice seamstress or if you are teaching someone to sew. A basic running stitch around 3 1/2 sides and then a hand stitch to close up the opening where you inserted the form.   Easy Schmeazy!

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