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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Remember those "clean" and "dirty" signs you used to be able to get for your dishwasher....Can you even buy them anymore?   Well, we lost our "clean" sign long ago and had been using the "dirty" to indicate when the dishes were clean and ready to be unloaded (I know, confusing right?).  It works like a charm for my husband and me.  We lay it on the counter above the dishwasher, then the first one home unloads the dishwasher.  Well, it was time for a new one....and it made sense for our household that we really only needed the "clean" sign.

So, it seemed the lids from the mason jars that I made into luminaries seemed like the likely choice for the base.  I had several lids that needed a purpose in life.  So, I bought a piece of scrapbook paper, some letters and scrapbook decals which were originally intended for a page for "baby's 1st bath", which included some bubbles and a rubber ducky.  Hey, who can resist a rubber ducky?, and in a matter of minutes, I had my new sign.
First, I cut out the paper the dimension of the inside circle of the lid...I decided to let the metal edge frame show.  To be honest, that was my second prototype...the first prototype I cut out the same dimension as the lid and didn't like it quite as well as the second.

After I hot glued the paper into place, I added my letters and decals.  The final step was the magnet for the back (our sign hangs on the fridge when its not in use).  There you have it -  and it took 20 minutes tops!

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