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Thursday, May 9, 2013


Making a flower girl wreath is pretty easy.  Last weekend I brought my supplies upstairs and worked on one while watching a "chick flick".  Since my husband was out of town he was spared, not only the movie, but also how I took over the coffee table with all my goodies.
The supplies you need are:

  • floral wire
  • floral wire tape
  • assorted flowers
  • glue gun
  • ribbon
  • wire cutters
I happened to have floral wire stems already on hand, so I chose to use two of those; you could also use a strand of floral wire to start.  First thing to determine is the circumference of the child's head.  This was interesting since I don't have a child at home any more.  So, I "googled", don't you "google" everything these days?  Anyway, you'll find some interesting items when you google circumference of a four year old's head......needless to say, I didn't find what I was looking for, so I measured mine and I guessed.  I twisted the two stems together at two different points to form a circle and then I wrapped the entire circle with green floral tape.  

From that point on, I used my wire cutters to cut the floral stems and then glued and placed them around the circle to get the look that I wanted.  

I literally purchased 4 different types of stems at Hobby Lobby; 1 pink roses, 1 white baby's breath, 1 pink baby's breath and 1 green/white balls.  As I cut the rose buds from the stem, I then had the leaves to scatter around the entire wreath to balance the green with the color.  The final touch was a ribbon tied into a bow and glued to what will be the back of the wreath. The whole project cost me under $8. 

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