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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I've been wanting to try my hand at these ever since I ran across the first blog post about how to make them. Since then you'll find all sorts of blogs on this topic....I'd like to thank everyone for the information and tutorials they so willingly shared!    I was able to make my own without too much trouble thanks to your tips and tricks.

So, unlike some of my other projects, I get very few points for creativity on this one.  I'll take a point for using my very own photos of Colorado landscape, flowers and scenery that I've taken over the years, but the rest is all from the creative minds of others.

The trick on the photos was determining which would look well cropped on a 4" square tile.  Since reprints are so very inexpensive, I printed about 10-12 photos for the set of four that I wanted to make so that I could actually handle them and decide which looked best at that size.  It also gave me wiggle room in case of the "oops" factor that tends to be a natural part of new projects, right?

I won't bore you with the step-by-step instructions since they are so easy to find online, just know it is a quick and inexpensive project and makes a great gift (that's what I'm doing with the set that I made). I was amazed that the Mod Podge didn't ruin the photos.  Crazy!

The supplies are simply:  4" ceramic bath tiles (16¢ per tile at Lowe's), Mod Podge, cork squares (set of 4- $1.99 at Michael's),  photographs and clear acrylic sealer.

Don't they look nice!  If I didn't have plenty of coasters in my home, I would definitely make myself a set.
Instead, I'll continue to gift them.   I love how professional they look stacked and wrapped with a raffia bow!

These are part of a larger project; I'll be sharing that with you in the weeks ahead.  So stay tuned!

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