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Sunday, June 29, 2014


Yay!  Another first....that's always fun for me.  I had a bride contact me to get a quote on a bridal sash.  She sent me a picture of herself at the bridal shop in the gown she selected with a beautiful rhinestone sash attached.

She told me the shop wanted close to $400 for the sash.  Wait, What?  I was able to make her sash for under $100....and I found a rhinestone trim that was almost an exact replica of what she had on in the store! She was looking to have the trim on just the front of the dress (from side seam to side seam), the ribbon would then just tie in a bow at the back with the tails cascading down the back of the gown.  Easy enough.

I asked the bride for a snip of fabric from a seam allowance of her dress so that I could match the color (she was in Wyoming)..there are so many subtleties in wedding gown colors, I wanted to be sure the ribbon was a good match.  I wasn't able to find a good match on ribbon (maybe I'm way too picky), but I did find a luscious satin fabric which was just perfect.  She described the color as pearl...and that is an absolutely perfect description.

The trim itself was 1 5/8" wide at the widest point, so I made the sash 1 1/2" wide.  Because the trim was pretty heavy due to all the stones, I chose to give the the sash some additional stability by using horsehair braid in between the two layers of fabric for only the length of the trim, the rest of the sash was just the fabric to allow it to drape nicely.

The trim could be sewn by hand onto the ribbon, or ironed on.  I chose to do both; I stitched it in several places, and then used a hot (no steam) iron and pressed it with the trim face down.

I actually purchased extra trim and fabric so that I could make an extra to try to sell in the future. I made a couple minor changes so that each sash was unique; that's the beauty of custom made items right? I so enjoyed making these that I made another sash using an organza ribbon and a wider crystal beading trim that was a leftover from my daughter's gown.  I added some additional rhinestones and pearls to make it truly unique and hand sewed it to the ribbon.  So pretty!
Once I got going, I couldn't stop.  I decided to order several different colors of grosgrain ribbon, and some rhinestone appliques and made one in an oatmeal color and another in a beautiful shade of pink.

I love this trend ..... what a lovely way to enhance the gown and accentuate the waistline!  So BEAUTIFUL!!

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