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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


This project really tugged at my heart strings.  I have had the honor of working with a Bride and her Mom on several items for her September wedding.   I remember meeting with them over coffee in March to discuss her veil and garter.  Mom had brought along her own garter and veil from 1983. How special is that?!    They had both hoped there was something I could do to incorporate Mom's keepsakes.  In fact, Mom also asked me to return to her any leftover remnants so she could give pieces to her other two daughters to hopefully use when it's their time to get married.

"Now" 2014 versus "Then" 1983
I thought it was cool that Mom had her garter from back then....she actually had a toss 31 years ago!   I wish I had thought of that when I made mine.  It never occurred to me, so my husband tossed my one and only.
My intent was to blend the old with the new and come up with something special.  From Mom's garter I chose to use some of the blue ribbon and made a rolled flower since the bride needed "something blue", plus I made a bow from a piece of the lace.   Then I incorporated a rhinestone dangle since the bride had shown me a picture of a garter she liked which had that on it.

When I create the toss garter, I like to make it narrower than the keepsake and incorporated a similar theme, so in Brooke's case I used a rhinestone and pearl button and then scattered some rhinestones over the top.                                                              
 As for the veil, Mom's was more of a true white (surprisingly, very little fading over the years) versus the Bride's diamond white dress color.   Mom's was a waltz length with multiple layers of tulle; very fashionable in the day!

I knew I didn't want to use the tulle, today's tulle is much softer and drapes much better, plus it was just too stark white.   So I picked up a beautiful diamond white illusion and the satin cording that the bride specifically asked for.  From there, it was up to me to decide how to blend the old with the new. I had the chantilly lace border, chantilly flower appliques', and some pearls to possibly work with. 

Being that the Bride wanted a two-tier fingertip veil, I really wanted it to drape nicely.  I was pleasantly surprised at her choice...most of my brides have abandoned the blusher concept, so I was super stoked to create this veil! There is something so classic, elegant and stunning about a bride wearing a blusher, especially a long blusher.   It reminds me of Princess Grace and of course, Princess Kate!

I chose to make some delicate lace flowers using the appliques and cutting quarter size circles from the lace border.  I scattered them near the bottom of the long tier of the veil and hand-sewed them in place just in the center so they created the illusion of petals versus a flat flower applique'.

Since the Bride's gown was a combination of lace and chiffon, I felt the delicate look of the flowers would compliment her gown beautifully.  I was able to use the rhinestones and pearls from her Mom's headpiece for the center in each of the flowers.

Finally, I used three strands of pearls from Mom's headpiece to accent the comb; the strands would be seen when the bride had the blusher down at the beginning of the ceremony.

I went with an angel/cascade cut veil; it creates beautiful folds when the blusher is lifted and flipped to the back.
Look how stunning Brooke looks!  She can definitely hold her own up against Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton .... you go girl!

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