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Thursday, July 21, 2016


This is so dang easy....but so dang tasty!!  ......and after a tough work day, or an exceptionally hot summer day, it really hits the spot on two counts.  1) It's super easy and 2) It's light, and really tasty!
I had a side salad of coleslaw and some fresh cherries with my sandwich and it totally hit the spot!


2 slices of a hearty multi-grain bread
sharp cheddar cheese, sliced into thin pieces
Granny Smith apples (1 apple will make two sandwiches), sliced into thin pieces
Honey Mustard


Toast the bread.  This pre-step helps to make the outside extra crunchy!  

While you are assembling the sandwich, begin pre-heating a skillet on the stove top over medium high heat. 

Add honey mustard to one side of the bread. Layer slices of the cheese directly on top of the mustard.  Next add a layer of the apples.  Finally, sandwich the apple slices between cheese by adding another layer of cheese on top of the apple.   

Place the other slice of bread on top of the cheese.  Butter the top.  Place the sandwich butter side down into the heated skillet.  While it's browning, butter the top side of the bread.  Once the bottom side is a nice golden brown,  Gently flip the sandwich over helping to hold it all together so you don't lose any of the cheese or apples.   I flipped the sandwich one more time on both sides to get it just like I like it!

Add your favorite sides and beverage, and savor the flavors!

Switch it up, by adding thinly sliced ham or turkey to the mix....or,  change up the cheese by using brie versus cheddar.

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