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Sunday, December 25, 2016


This was a fun project for gifting.  Bath salts are fairly easy to make, fun to package all pretty and best of all they put a smile on the face of the woman (women) you gift them to.......
I made two different versions for this holiday season.  The type in the picture above, were for a couple of very dear friends.   These are lavender bath salts with lavender essential oils and actual dried lavender flowers in the mix.

I found cute little jars at the Container Store and made the tags on my silhouette machine. 

The other version I made for my daughter.  I ordered the test tubes on Amazon and made five different versions.
On the inside of the lid cover, I made a label about how to use them as well as the different varieties included in the box.  To finish off the packaging, I added crinkle gift wrap and dried rose buds.  Both the lavender flowers and rose buds I got at Natural Grocer.  
To make bath salts it's just epsom salts and kosher salt.  A 2:1 ratio of epsom salts to the kosher salt. Then add essential oils and food coloring to your liking.   

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