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Wednesday, March 8, 2017


I was tickled when a former bride of mine (I made her wedding veil) recently contacted me to make her a maternity sash.   She and her husband are expecting their first child soon.   Ryan wanted to wear a sash to show off her growing baby bump at the baby shower being thrown in her honor this coming April.

She gave me an idea of the colors and style she was looking for and let me take it from there.  I always appreciate when I'm given the latitude to let my creative juices flow!!
This was fun for me....knowing that Ryan was looking for blue, grey and white, I started pawing through all my goodies and found a really good variety of supplies.  The only thing I needed to get was the 2" ribbon for the sash itself.   From there, I started putting my vision into action.

I knew I wanted a large flower for the focal point.  So I began there and then branched off with other ideas.  This centerpiece flower is comprised of a number of layers of grey lace, white embroidered netting and white polyester fabric cut into a floral shape and sewn together.
store bought
I decided to make several types of fabric flowers to add some variety.  The blue flowers are made with ribbon, using a couple different techniques, and the white one is one of my faves to make.  It involves melting the fabric over a candle so the fabric curls under the heat.

I had two other store bought versions of flowers that I ended up incorporating as well.   The finishing touch was the use of some blue beaded trim that I used to frame the flowers.  I love the way it added some sparkle to the piece.

I'm looking forward to getting a couple pictures from the baby shower with it on Ryan !

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