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Saturday, April 29, 2017


So I have a thing about boring white switchplates staring at me.  I know, it's odd....but when it came to my studio, I thought I can really have some fun with this.
While we've used wood, brushed nickel, and other specialty plates in our homes before.  I was looking for something a bit splashier.  So it came to me that I could take advantage of the many varieties of washi tape out there these days and make something really fun!

There was a particular variety out there that caught my attention since it not only had some of the color theme I have going on in my studio, but it had a watercolor feel to it.....and I'm a sucker for abstract water color.

It really was easy, just a means of cutting strips of the tape, using an exacto knife to slit the tape to expose the light switch rectangles and then brushing on mod podge for a protective finish.  I used two coats of mod podge, letting it thoroughly dry in between the two coats.

Most of the washi tape comes 2-3 complimentary colors in one package, so you have some variety.    In fact, if you head to Hobby Lobby, Michael's or other stores that carry craft items, they have a crazy amount to choose from. There are even some really fun ones out there that would work well in kid's bedooms or play areas.

For the switchplate at the bottom of the stairwell as you enter my studio I went with a gold foil polka dot with a striped foil for the border.  I was really starting to get into it.....but alas, I only have the three.  So I chose to cover two in the  watercolor pattern and the other is gold foil.

So fun!

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