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Thursday, December 14, 2017


These are hands down the best Christmas cookies ever!!!  When I put my platter of cookies out after our holiday dinner, they are the first to be snagged. 
A flaky, buttery cup with a delicious filling and topped with chocolate and peanut butter morsels.  They take some time to make, but are so worth it! 

I first shared the recipe here, and they have been a part of my holiday baking ever since.  Not only do I put some cookies out after Christmas dinner, but every "family unit" gets their own cookie tin of home baked cookies each year....these by far are the #1 favorite of the entire clan.

I just had to give them their own set of pictures.  After all, they've become famous!

The filling which is made of condensed milk makes quite a bit, so this year I chose to increase the dough ingredients by 50% and it was just the right amount of base for the filling.   So again, if you make 1.5x the dough, you won't be wasting any of the liquid center and of course, you'll have more cookies to share! 


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