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Monday, January 14, 2019


This little table is seeing its second re-design.  I don't really know how long I've had this's been awhile.  It's such a cute little design that I moved it with us to our new house and painted it a color scheme that would match the new color palette.   Now that we've been in here 3+ years, it's time to let go.   You women know exactly what I mean.
This time, since it's moving to a "new home",  I re-painted it once again in the color scheme of that location.   I actually went with chalk paint this time around......and I love this color that I chose from the Behr collection.

I found a "before/after" photo of the original table as I purchased it, along with the first time I re-painted it.  It's fun looking at the transformations!

Typical of paint projects, I sanded off a good portion of the old paint scheme before I started painting it.   I used a variety of foam brushes to get the job done.

After three coats of paint, I added some off-white stenciling and a prussian blue accent at the base of the table legs.  I added a few prussian blue touches in/around the stenciling to tie the color in to the overall look.
The prussian
blue was one of the 2 oz. craft paint varieties that you find at Hobby Lobby.   I also opted to ditch the original knob and found a cute little white/grey knob at Hobby Lobby and brushed on a touch of the chalk paint to coordinate with the table color.   That's it!  I'm so glad that it will have a new home.  It's really in great shape, and the corner shape makes it truly unique!

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