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Wednesday, November 11, 2020


Since the bridal cape trend continues to be strong, I've decided to include more design options in my Etsy shop.  Different lengths, fabrications, trims....all to provide more offerings to my clients. 

This pearl encrusted tulle was super fun to work with.  I wanted to take advantage of the art deco pattern, so the hemline is unfinished and absolutely shows off the scallops in the front and the points in the back.  

Since it's a circle shape, I added some additional fullness at the center back (which is where the opening is) to show off the gorgeous drapability of this fabric.   The variance in the length from the front to the back also creates a beautiful line.   I added some beautiful embellished lace trim around the neckline for the perfect finishing touch!                                                                                    
The next design is a cathedral length with a lace yoke.  It attaches to the straps of the gown.  It would even work with a strapless gown since every commercial strapless gown I've seen includes a set of spaghetti straps.  When the bride wants to remove the cape,                                                                she would also remove the gown straps.                                                                
The third design I added to the collection this year is a mid length.                                                  It features a beautiful embroidered tulle with a gorgeous beaded neckline.   I love the creative process, and can't wait to offer even more designs!                                                     

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