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Saturday, May 8, 2021


 I love when a bride contacts me through my Etsy shop requesting a special order.  In this case, I had a bride who loved one of my waltz length veils, but needed some customization.  First, she needed it in ivory, and secondly she wondered how the lace appliques would work with her gown.   

She sent me a couple pictures of her gown which is a strapless lace overlay with a fit and flare silhouette.  I knew I could find a better match to her gown, so I suggested she let me source some lace appliques with a motif that better matched her gown's motif. 

I found a great match for her gown that has large swirls, as well as some florals and leaves similar to those on the gown itself.  


The first set of appliques begins just below the waist, leaving just the plain cut edge tulle to show off her neckline and shoulders. The set at the center back will hit at about her calf, which has less lace.                        
I'm so pleased with how this came together.  The veil truly looks like it was made for the gown!  I can't wait to get pictures from the bride on her big day!

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