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Monday, August 13, 2012


I really like the wall stencils that you can get at the major department and craft stores.  In fact, I have one in my living room that says, "May all who enter as guests, leave as friends."    I was hoping to put a quote on my sewing/design studio downstairs, but was struggling with how to do it.  If your walls are like mine, they are textured which makes it difficult to stencil clean lines, and I couldn't find large enough stick on letters (in a custom font) that would work so I chose to make a framed display instead.
I've always admired the work of Yves Saint Laurent.  I believe he was an icon in the fashion industry, a creative genius, cutting edge.  He paved the way for so many others.....

I was ecstatic to be able to see his recent exhibition at the Denver Art Museum this past summer.   Denver was the only North American location to host this incredible display of over 200 of his garments.  Incredible!    So, I love this quote of his.....and really wanted it on my wall.    

I found a double glass picture frame and used stick on letters, placing the letters on the inside of the glass to sandwich it between the two.  Add a bow and I now have a bit of YSL to inspire me every day!

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