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Sunday, August 5, 2012


My daughter bought this cute full length sundress some time ago, but wasn't feeling really comfortable with the neckline.  It took quite a plunge, but she liked the rest of it.  So, what did she do?, she bought it of course, and brought it over and asked if I could help re-style it so that she could wear it.   No problem!  We chatted about a couple options and she also said she liked the big fabric flowers that are so popular right, here's a little before and after for you.


On my dress form, the middle of the bust is just above the black dot, and the  neckline was open all the way to the black waistband.   I had already stitched the two panels together from just below the black dot as step one.

There are so many fun ribbon colors these days, that I decided to pick up some ribbon to create more of a peek-a-boo neckline versus the Hollywood va-va-voom!

Then I went to town on the fabric flower; I had several different black and white fabric remnants on hand; I picked up a couple of broadcloth pre-cut quilting fabrics at JoAnn's for .99 a piece to match the bright orange in the dress and started cutting circles.

I sewed a lapel pin to the back so that she can take it off for washing and/or move it wherever she would like to wear it.

She should feel much more comfortable in it now and there's plenty of summer left for her to enjoy it.

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