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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I've seen candy wrappers done for special occasions and I thought it would be a fun surprise (I can't tell you anymore than that).  So I was on a mission to make it a sweet (pardon the pun), but not "hokey" wedding memento.

Here's the finished product. 

I didn't realize how few chocolate bars with foil are on the market these days.  Take a look next time you're out and you'll see that many have gone to a single plastic wrapper.  Those that are foil with an outside wrapper are usually the bigger bars.  So, once I found the bars, the rest was a breeze.
I found a beautiful fall scrapbook paper that had gold touches in the paper....perfect, since the foil on the bars I purchased was also gold.    Next, I selected a simple beige flecked paper and made ovals (I was working in Microsoft Office Publisher) with the bride and groom's name and wedding date.  In small print it also says "made in Colorado", since that's where they found each other and became a couple.

Below are the photos that show the steps along the way:
 Purchase the bars.....I have to tell you I got a great buy on these at Big Lots.  It's crazy what the average grocery store wants for these large chocolate bars!
 Next. remove the outside wrapper, leaving only the foil.  Use the original wrapper for the length/width dimensions so that you can make a pattern to then cut your own.
Find the papers you want to use and make your personalized wrappers and labels.  Then, wrap the bar (I used a simple glue stick) and add the label.

These are going (oh yeah....I can't tell you).

There's a blog post on that coming soon.........

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