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Sunday, September 23, 2012


I can be a staunch traditionalist at times, and other times I can be a rebel.   When it came to table assignments for the wedding, I just wasn't too jazzed about the individual seating cards and decided to go for table assignments instead.  I got a couple of raised eyebrows, including one from the coordinator at the venue, discouraging me since people would have to look at ten tables to find themselves.  My feeling was maybe, maybe not....don't the odds suggest that you may find yourself before the tenth table?, and after all, the guests have the entire cocktail hour to casually find where they are sitting.   Anyway.....I had a design in my mind and I couldn't be swayed on this one!
Keeping with the Colorado and autumn theme, I used evergreen with pine cone sprigs, real deer antlers and clip art with a pine tree theme to put it all together....and before, you get all sensitive on me...those antlers weren't taken just for sport, there were many great meals consumed from the meat.  I know, to each his own....the Father of the Bride is a hunter, so it made sense to want to add some family heritage to the evening.  After all, that was better than the kilt idea....aaahhhh, but I digress....

You will have to imagine, a banquet table with a lovely tablecloth and some candlelight to add some ambiance versus my basement carpet, and it will look absolutely awesome!

I found the clip art in my many travels through the internet for free clip art, then used one of my favorite fonts that I found on and by way of a text box in  Microsoft word, I typed the table numbers within the oval.

The paper is just a simple buff colored scrapbook paper and I burned the edges the old fashioned way, over a candle.  I did find that the paper didn't burn like I remembered from some crafts I've done ages ago (probably something with the way paper is more eco-friendly these days).  So after I had glued the pages to the mat board, I painted some of the edges with some brown paint.
Finally, I used jute to hold two sets of antlers together so that they would have some stability, then propped the cards up in between the tines.  My favorite friend these days are glue dots.  I love, love, love glue dots!!!!  So, as needed I used glue dots to fasten the cards to the tines; I didn't want them slipping and falling in the event a guest bumped the table.

I have to thank my brother-in-law Steve for providing the antlers for me.  This project turned out to be everything I imagined and more!!

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