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Saturday, October 6, 2012


To minimize the suspense any further, here's what became of the chocolate bars.....
As a small gesture of our appreciation, I put together welcome baskets for the "out-of-town" guests and delivered them to their hotels the day before the wedding.  Many of our family came from quite a distance to be here, so I wanted there to be something waiting for them after a day on the road or a long flight.   Along with the chocolate bar, I included a variety of crackers, cookies, nuts, fruit and drinks. 
I bought the plastic tubs at the dollar store since I expected many of the guests wouldn't be able to take the container home with them because they were flying.  This way it served its purpose, but it wasn't costly for me and they wouldn't feel bad leaving it behind.

A plastic bag, tulle bow and a thank you card attached at the top gave it the final touch it needed. 

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