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Monday, October 1, 2012


One of my passions is designing and sewing bridal gowns, and I have been looking forward to making my daughter's wedding gown since the day she was born!     The adventure began many months ago when she became engaged.  A trip to David's Bridal to try on several styles was the first step.  Then, she chose some of the design elements from those styles she liked and allowed me plenty of creative license along the way, and away I went. 
People have asked how long it took and frankly, I really don't know.  I would work on the dress an hour here and an hour there, but never took the time to add it all up.  I will tell you it was the most ambitious of all the gowns that I have made.  There was no pattern, the dress was draped using my dress form (although she has had many names, I seem to have landed on Beulah).   She did the trick for the majority of the project, although my daughter is very petite and smaller than Beulah in the torso.  The dress was completed months before the wedding and I tucked it away so that it would be fresh and exciting as we got closer to the actual date.  We bought the fabric, trim and appliques at this fabulous fabric store that I love in Houston.  My sister-in-law and niece told me about the store when I was making my niece's wedding gown six years ago and I just had to go back.  I have never seen so many beautiful fabrics in one place in my entire life.  I can spend hours there ..... and have!
These beautiful bridal photos were taken in Georgetown, Colorado by my talented niece Kelly over the Labor Day weekend.  She and my daughter, Katie shot a wedding together in Beaver Creek.  These are just a few of the stunning photographs I have to choose from...and can you imagine, these are just the bridals, I still have the wedding photos to look forward to!   My house may look like an art museum between these and the wedding photos.  
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