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Monday, July 1, 2013


I've been looking for a sewing table ever since I purchased my serger; with two machines and only one sewing table, I had to make do by pulling the card table out of the storage closet.   I never did like the sewing table...but add the card table to it and what an eye sore.   It was functional - but downright ugly!
Anyway, I certainly didn't like the prices of some of the sewing tables that you could find online, some upwards of $800-plus they were really big with lots of drawers and such and I was looking for something simple.  I started checking out Craig's list and other online sites for either a table or desk that someone wanted to sell or donate.   I decided to run into the ARC thrift store a couple Saturdays ago (remembering Saturday is 1/2 off day) after I made a donation myself and lo and behold, there was an old kitchen table calling out to me.   It had some fun spindle legs like I wanted and a wood top, it was nice and long; plenty big enough for two machines; possibly three...easy to move my chair around from machine to machine.  In fact, the more I thought about it, I could also use it as a cutting table when needed and avoid hauling all my goodies up to the dining room table, or using the floor....I knew with some TLC, I could fix this baby up!  And how can you beat a $59.99 sticker price?  So, that meant $30.00!  Really???
Man, I had no idea what I was in for....once I got this sucker into the garage and started looking closely at it....this was going to take some serious elbow grease.  It was disgusting actually.  It looked like the table hadn't been cleaned in years.  I believe I could identify peanut butter and Hershey's syrup and yes, there was also gum stuck underneath the table.  There were so many other stains and old food - it was Gross!

After approximately 90 minutes, Mr.Clean and I had finished and uncovered a table that I could definitely work with.   It had a nice butcher block top that needed to be sanded to remove the larger gouges and are those really fork marks?  I definitely need an ultra smooth table which can't snag any fabrics that I'm working with. The clean up and multiple hours of sanding took all of Day One--I was whooped.  That impromptu trip to the thrift store and subsequent project, was in between my other Saturday chores.
Day Two -- I knew I  wanted to give it some character like some of the other pieces that I've added to my sewing studio.   I had some ideas floating around in my head that involved Mod Podge, craft papers and paints, but once I got going other ideas just unfolded as the project evolved that called for buttons, ribbons and sparkles.  What a gas!  My husband would come out to check on me periodically and just shake his head.

After the decorating was finished, the top was sanded a few more times, then I decided to use wood wax  versus any type of varnish or shellac for the finish (that was my husband's idea).  It added a natural luster,  without any residue.  You rub it in and buff with a clean cloth; my husband did this for me (thanks babe)...he added three coats. I am so pleased!  It's functional and fun and is everything I hoped for....
Now, in the weeks to come, it's another trip to ARC to drop off the sewing table that I've always disliked and see if I can find a chair that I can re-purpose and ditch the folding chair.  Can't wait!  (ssshhh...don't tell my husband)

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