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Monday, September 9, 2013


I had the pleasure of helping a bride with a few items for her wedding day recently.  On the gown that she purchased, she wanted to add some custom touches.  The first item involved the hemline; she was looking for a more pronounced scalloped lace edging around the perimeter.  I was able to find a beautiful wide alencon lace trim at Allyn's Fabrics in Denver which matched beautifully to the gown color.  The second item was to add a rhinestone trim (she had purchased) just underneath the bustline; beautiful touch!
Finally, so that she could dance the night away with ease, I added bustles.  To bustle the gown it took a double bustle with three bustle points in each tier.

The upper bustle, since it took the majority of the weight of the gown, I used buttons and loops similar to the other bustle I recently shared with you.  The second tier was done with three pairs of ties.

For me....anytime I can design and create, I'm in heaven.  So, the best part was the elbow length veil she wanted me to create.  I used the same scalloped trim from the hemline of the gown for the border of the veil.  I chose to make the width of the veil just a bit wider than shoulder width since we wanted to be sure not to obscure the back of her gown.  The back bodice of the gown was particularly interesting so by minimizing the width, it left the veil very sheer across her back.

Take a look at beautiful Miranda!   What was especially cool was I was able to be a part of Miranda and Lance's special day, since I was honored to second shoot alongside KB Digital Designs.   Congratulations and may the two of you share many, many years of sweet anniversaries together!

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