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Friday, April 4, 2014


Now I realize that there are so many options available for listening to music these days that the idea of CDs may be waning.  But. I would argue when you want to create a unique gift for someone, this is definitely a creative idea. For instance, how about a collection of love songs as favors for your wedding guests, a collection of lullabies to give the expectant Mom at her baby shower, or a collection of songs for someone's birthday?

I chose to do just that as one of the gifts for my Mother-in-Law's 80th birthday. I put together music from each of the decades of her life (1934-2014) and called it "Eight Decades of Music".  I had a really tough time narrowing down the final song list; in fact, I ended up with five CDs of music! ended up being about six hours of music; anywhere between 6-10 songs from each decade.
From a packaging perspective, I decided to make custom CD labels and sleeves and then packaged them   in a cute little box.   I know...I know....I didn't need to make both labels AND sleeves, but I wanted to.

I used the Memorex-exPressit Label Design Studio for the CD labels....the labels load right into your printer and the software has some templates to choose from or you can create your own.  I actually played around and created my own for this project.

As for the CD sleeves; I created my template in Microsoft word using a commercial cardboard sleeve as my pattern.  I measured out the dimensions, and went to town. Once I had my dimensions and folds just right, I then added my artwork to the layout.  I bought some cardstock and then printed my design right onto the cardstock; cut it out and glued them together with a glue stick.

I'm really happy with the finished product...from the music, to the labels/sleeves...even the perfect little box I found at the Container Store!

What's totally cool is I downloaded a bunch of songs I didn't have; and these are classics (Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Duke Ellington, Etta James, etc.) so my own music collection has grown...and many of these songs bring back fond memories since I remember hearing them playing on Sunday mornings when I was growing up.

I remember Sundays as our big breakfast day...usually pancakes and pork sausage patties, the aromas wafting through the house, with the big stero console in the living room playing a stack of LPs (Big Band, Broadway Showtunes).  That sucker even had an eight track player in it!  I know....if you didn't already know my do now!  Awesome memories.......

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