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Sunday, April 27, 2014


This project was a treat since I'd never made bridesmaid garters for a wedding before.....and they weren't just any garter, a pretty hybrid version that combined a vitage lace look with an elastic insert and gathered feel of a traditional garter....and to top it off it also had a truly contemporary twist by including a cute little hidden satin pocket for a "pocket shot".  Just enough liquid libation for a toast with the bride during that special "getting ready" time with her eight gal pals.
I was able to find a perfect color match (to the bridesmaid dresses) for the stretch lace on etsy....they call it sangria.  Very deep burgundy, just perfect for a September wedding.  The satin I found at a local JoAnn fabric store.

The finished dimension of the garter is 2" wide.  So my cut dimension was 5" wide and however long I needed it based upon the girl's thigh measurement.  The 5" width allowed for one folded edge and the other edge had a 2" seam allowance the full length of the garter.

I found the pocket shots at a large liquor store in town, (not your Mom and Pop variety of liquor store) and used the sample to develop the dimensions for the pocket.  I chose to sew the pocket behind the garter itself for a few reasons.  1) It secured the pocket shot against the leg versus having the weight of the liquor pulling the pocket down on the outside of the garter, 2) I understand the bridesmaid dresses are very tapered so I didn't want to add any extra bulk around the thigh and finally, 3) the idea of liquor in the garter dates back to the days of prohibition when the ladies literally tucked a flask behind their garters; so I wanted to preserve that history in my design.

It had fun putting these together and adding some decorative touches to make them unique and sexy.  Can't wait to get the pictures with all the girls together.  Oh yeah....I'll be able to do that since I'm the second shooter for the wedding!

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