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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


As I get more and more comfortable with my Silhouette machine, I attempt all sorts of different projects both for myself and for others.  I'll be able to share several projects that I've done for upcoming summer wedding in the months to come......

In the meantime, these cute gift tags were a prototype for a friend of mine, so I snapped some pictures along the way to share.
The first step is to work within the software to develop the design and layout......this particular project is called a print and cut since I first send it to my printer then I feed it through my silhouette to have it cut out the shapes for me.

Those who have used a silhouette recognize the look on the right which is an actual snapshot of my computer screen when working within the software.  Basically, I perfect the design and then I can easily duplicate as many as I'd like to fit on one sheet of paper with a simple click of a button.

The red line in the picture is the "cut line" you can see from the picture below, the blade cut around that line and left the inner decorative frame line that I added as part of the design.

Once they were cut, which is amazingly fast....... I punched holes in the tags and placed some colored baker's twine through the holes so they can be attached to a gift.

I've now made gift tags, greeting cards, vinyl wall designs, heat transfer designs, and labels for candy wrappers and jars.  I'll keep trying new things, and undoubtedly make mistakes along the way, but that's where the learning comes from.    So fun.....and the designs are endless!

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