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Friday, March 6, 2015


This project popped into my head since I have a number of celebrations coming up in the next several weeks/months.....Birthdays, and  Mother's Day to name a few.   I enjoy gifting handmade items when I can and I thought these little babies would be well received.
I can't really tell you when it came to me....I think it was a combination of  a couple of things.  First, I enjoy a glass of wine from time-to-time, but I can never finish a bottle, not even when we have company!   So, having a bottle stopper is awesome; it lets me go back and have a glassful whenever I feel like it.  Without it, many a bottle has gone to waste because my husband enjoys red wine and I love white (the sweeter the better).

The second item is drawer pulls......every time I go into Hobby Lobby I make it a point to stroll down this aisle.  I just love the colors and variety that are available.   So, I guess that's where the idea came from....put those two items together and you have an easy little DIY project that yields a fun gift with a lot of charm!

The first thing I did was order the stoppers online.   While I was waiting for those to arrive, I shopped for the drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby....and yes sir, I hit a 50% off sale!! The toughest thing was narrowing my selection down to just four.

The little screws you see on the top of the stoppers can either be left in place or removed.   I have a couple of other ideas for stopper decor which would mean drilling a hole in an that case, that screw would come in handy.   Since I didn't need them with the pulls, I removed them by simply unscrewing them.

The drawer pulls as you probably know come with long screw threads so they can easily be attached to a drawer.  My wonderful husband grinded them down for me so they were just a nub.  While I did ask him to show me how to do this, he opted to do it himself......and realistically, he did it in about 1/10 of the time it probably would have taken me!

Then, it was a matter of using super glue; gel formula.  It rocks!  It's not quite as messy, therefore you won't glue your fingers together as I've done one too many times with the original formula.  I put the gel on the underside of the knob all the way around the screw and then placed it inside the hole in the top of the stopper, it laid perfectly flush with the top because of the work my husband had done in shortening the screws.  Let it dry and there you have it....

Now I just need to decide which ones I'm willing to let go of....I really love them all, so it's going to be tough parting with any of them.


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