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Friday, April 3, 2015


These are addictive....once I started making them, I couldn't stop.  Although, a quick end game is when you run out of magnets, not realizing you should have bought more!

I wanted to try a few of these for a certain photographer I know.  I thought she might like them for her business.   You probably know, I'm referring to my daughter....anyway, then I thought they could be fun for all sorts of gifting....Birthdays, Mother's Day, they could even be fun wedding favors (Bride and Groom's name and wedding date, or Monogram and date), party favors (for a kid's party you could do pictures of superheros, or personalize with the guest's name), etc.
They're super easy to make, you only need a few things, which I found at Hobby Lobby. I'm totally bummed, My local Hobby Lobby just relocated, it's now 12 miles roundtrip versus 4 miles.

These little clear epoxy circles to the left are sold in packets of 24 for under $3.00.  They're made by a company called "Spare Parts", and are usually used in conjunction with bottle caps.

The other item you'll need is 1" magnets.  The package I bought came as a six pack.  Again, these were under $3.00

The final item is ModPodge.  I always have a bunch of this on hand.

For my daughter's business magnets, I created a template in my Silhouette machine using her logo, and cut around it once I laid the clear base on the picture.  Be sure to really press down and hold the epoxy circle up to the light after you attach the picture to make sure you get any bubbles out.  Also, handle these by the rim, fingerprints will not come off the adhesive if you touch it.

After you've securely adhered the picture to the epoxy sticker; place ModPodge on the magnet and press down firmly.  If ModPodge squeezes out the sides, just wipe it away with your fingers.

So I expanded beyond the business idea by using a couple different types of craft papers (picture on the left).

Then, I thumbed through some old magazines I had, and went into a flower theme, which I'm referring to as "flower power", followed by a destination theme, which I'm calling "travel bug".  I wanted to try an animal set, but couldn't quite find the pics I needed.  These are so easy!
These make me want to hop a plane for somewhere exotic

You could get a 1" paper punch which would be a timesaver, I chose to just cut around the circle once I had placed it on the picture.

And that's it.....I'm going to find a cute way to package a few of these for gifting....I know of several folks who would appreciate them.

I think everyone uses fridge magnets don't they?

Hopefully I've inspired you try some of your own......If so, have fun!

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