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Monday, July 20, 2015


I so enjoy creating this type of item for a bride; whether it be a veil or hair comb, sash or garter.   It's when the bride brings to me something from Mom, Dad, Grandpa or Grandma and asks me to make something that they can wear on their wedding day.

This particular bride brought to me Mom's wedding gown and veil and Grandma's detachable train and asked if I could make a hair accessory that she could wear at the reception.  Aubrey was a delight to work with, it just took a bit of conversation for me to understand the size she wanted and if there were any unique pieces from any of the items that she absolutely wanted to have incorporated in her piece.  After that, she left it up to my creative juices.  
Grandma's train and Mom's dress
Aubrey has very long, thick hair that she plans to wear in a side bun, so I chose to use an "alligator clip" on the back to attach it to her hair versus a simple comb.

Her Mom's dress (circa the '90s) had a lot of embellishment on the bodice and sleeves; beautiful pearls and sequins, as did her headpiece.  Grandma's train was an ivory chantilly lace.  I chose to use Grandma's lace as the "building block" and then added the embellishments from Mom's items as I went.

Aubrey picked up her hair clip this past week, and I'm happy to report she loved it!  I'm positive this is going to look even better on Aubrey than it does on my styrofoam head!  

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