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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


This was a fun little project.  I had a bride contact me to design a tic tac label for her and her groom to use as favors for their upcoming wedding.  She admired another design that I had done and really liked the idea of customizing something for their day.
I already had the template that I had designed saved in my Silhouette machine with the exact dimensions of a tic tac label; all I needed to do was create a design specifically for them.   I sent to Alyssa three different prototypes and we worked via email fine tuning the design, including the colors.   Their wedding colors were champagne and black

Once the design was finalized, I printed them on sheets of white sticker paper.   Alyssa and her Mom tag teamed the process of attaching them to the cases.

Their "M" monogram was used throughout the reception including the menus, programs and on a large video screen at the venue itself.

At the reception, a favor was placed at each of the place settings.


 Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Martinez!

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