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Monday, August 3, 2015


We're about three months out from moving into our new home.  The last move we plan to make!  A move that has us sifting through 20 years of STUFF, to decide what to move with us, what to donate, what we could maybe sell, and what the heck, I didn't realize we had that?

Since making our way to the design center to pick out cabinets, carpet, paint, counter tops, etc.  I've been getting more and more excited about how this house is turning into a home.   We have plenty of good furniture, prints, and accessories that will be coming along with us....but, a few new touches are definitely in order.   I mean, a new house, deserves some new touches!  Nothing that will break the bank, but some new life along the way.

So, I started with some lamps.  I can't remember any other table lamps in this house, so I'm thinking they could be going on 20 years old....and frankly, they look it.  Rather than purchase new ones, I thought I could give them a makeover since they're made of a ceramic and could be easily painted.


I have had a southwest theme going in the family room of this house for a long time; in fact, had we not planned to move, I would have been swapping them out anyway.  As you can see, these babies are southwest all the way!


So long Southwest.....Hello my Pretties!!

The new home decor is going to be earth tone with the accent color of sage green (my absolutely favorite).  With that in mind, I went to town. First thing I did was spray paint the entire lamp a light beige color. This would eliminate the southwest color scheme and give me a good base coat to work with.

Next, I had a collection of craft paints with some of my colors already, a quick trip to Hobby Lobby with a 40% coupon allowed me to pick up a couple of the others that I needed.

As for the look, I knew I still wanted to highlight the mosaic tiles in the center band and felt the bottom would look good in a separate color. For the majority of the base, I wanted to blend some of the colors together.

The second step was to spray paint the bottom with the dark brown (I already had that leftover from another project).  The base of the lamp was  my own technique of sponging and blending.

I'm really pleased with the way they turned out!  They look great in our family room now and will look even better in the new house.

So, for the cost of a little paint (roughly $8.00) and two new lampshades (just under $16 per shade at Walmart), I have two "new" lamps.

What do you have in your home that could use a "makeover"?

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