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Monday, November 16, 2015


It's always fun for me to make a house a true home, by decorating it to reflect our personalities.   Having just moved into a new home, my creative wheels are spinning.  We still have a lot of boxes and furniture in storage, so it will be like "Christmas" for me when we do get a chance to unload those items (we have to finish the basement first)!

In the meantime though, there are a few projects I've been working on along the way.  This first one was super simple, but adds a really nice touch to the built in coat rack we have in our house.
 It's a little tough to capture this particular spot in pictures since it is in the corner of the entryway from the garage, which is a bit dark.  So I apologize for the shadows being cast on the sign.

Being in an area with new construction, there are many dumpsters throughout our neighborhood and the craftsmen are always discarding things.  I rummaged through their discard pile the other day and found this roughed up piece of wood and brought it home.  It was just what I needed for my sign!

I sanded it just a smidge so that that vinyl would adhere nicely, but left the weathered and splintered edges as is.  I made the sign using my Silhouette machine and this project was finished in just about an hour.

To finish it, I painted two light coats of ModPodge on top of the letters when I was finished to give it some additional protection.....and there you have it!   It's just what this little corner of "our world" needed.

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