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Thursday, January 7, 2016


I'm having so much fun being totally involved in the basement finish for my new studio!

I was able to make the best transforming a piece of the basement in our old house into a studio/workshop for myself, but I worked with what we had done to finish the place when our daughter was a toddler.  This time, I'm deciding everything....from where I want a closet, to electrical placement, to each of the components of the finished bath, the walls, floor, etc.   It's a kick-in-the-pants!, and so far, it's coming together just as I imagined.

One of the projects that I wanted to have a hand in (literally) was the bathroom.  First off, I'm thrilled that we decided to invest in a bathroom, so both my clients and I can take advantage of it as needed. We didn't take the time to do this in our old basement, so this is going to be a real treat!

I've always loved the look of vessel sinks and I knew that's what I wanted down there.  I also wanted the sink to sit on top of a special piece of furniture.  I looked at buying something at one of the local box furniture shops, but decided to buy an old dresser at the ARC store ($15) and refinish it myself.

The entire area is going to have an "industrial" feel, and the bathroom is no exception.  Since I've played around with several furniture distressing projects in the past, I thought this look would fit right in with my vision.

The top two dresser drawers were converted to "false" drawers to allow the plumber to do his thing with the water lines to the faucet.   The bottom drawer is functional; allowing for towel, and toilet paper storage.

I found a really beautiful turquoise spray paint color and took to painting the dresser after a light sanding.   After I laid the initial color down, I painted on some black, tan, and grey to "age" the piece.

I chose to add some stenciling to the drawers using white and grey paint.  Finally, I picked up two new crystal flower knobs at Hobby Lobby for the top drawer, since I didn't like the size (too small) or look of what was originally on there.  They're just the right touch and compliment the existing pulls just great.

I am absolutely thrilled with the final outcome!  The white vessel sink I purchased is just perfect for this piece.  We're probably 2 ½ weeks out before the bathroom will be finished and we can put this little beauty in place....but I just had to share!

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