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Sunday, April 10, 2016


As part of the design for the basement studio, we carved out room for a big beautiful closet.  It's awesome!  As I started moving all of my supplies in there, I realized it would really be helpful to have a wall cabinet. It would provide so much room and allow me to organize a bit better than the plastic tubs I was using.

I knew exactly where to go, since I've shopped/bought items there before when I made my business signage, and the shutters I distressed for my daughter. You can't beat the prices!  I knew it would cost me close to $150 to buy a cabinet at one of the big box stores.  I found one at Bud's for $60; it's 39" tall x 23" wide x 12" deep, and has 4 shelves.


I wanted a fun, and bold look, so I started by painting the cabinet doors and exterior a clean white color.  Then, I painted an abstract look on the panels of the doors.  A couple of sassy handles from Hobby Lobby at 50% off, and I had a whole new look!


I spent hours today, purging, organizing and re-organizing......I'm good with it for now, but I'm sure it will get re-organized at least a half dozen times before I land on the best way to utilize my new found space!  

The white paint was spray paint I had on hand, and I chose to use a variety of craft paints I had (in one of those plastic tubs I was mentioning) as well. 

It was fun just to create with no inhibitions. I used several types of brushes and sponges brushes, put on some good music and went for it! 

I confidently thought I could easily put the handles on myself, and was humbled by the fact it wasn't quite as easy as I thought it would I had to have my husband rescue/repair the screw holes I made.  It's a long story.......including learning that you can't just pull a drill bit out of the wood if it sticks in there....cuz,'s scorching hot!!

Not one of my better attempts at handy work.   I am good however, with a hammer and a caulking gun.  Just call me the CaulkMeister!

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