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Saturday, May 14, 2016


This is chair #2 that I've re-purposed for my sewing area.  I had such fun with the first one, I decided to add another.  It's also handy having two chairs, to avoid constantly moving the chair between the two machines that I use most frequently; the multi-stitch machine and my serger.   So once again, I scouted my local thrift stores, and landed on a bargain at the ARC thrift store.  It was a solid wood chair (with heinous tartan plaid upholstery, coated with pet hair). The seat pan cushioning was still in good shape, which meant I wouldn't have to replace it.  So I knew this project was going to go really well.

The first step was to remove the seat pan, and pull off the fabric, this took a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the seat pan.  And then a flat head screw driver and some pliers did the trick with the huge number of staples which were used to secure the fabric.

After sanding the chair to rough it up and prepare for painting, I used a combination of spray paint and craft paints that I already had in my collection,   After the turquoise base color was applied I sprayed on some antique white, then used a sponge brush to add some tan, pink and peach.

After the paint had dried for a full 24 hours, I distressed it a bit with the sander.   The final step was a coat of clear satin finish (spray paint).

In between the painting, I took care of the re-upholstery, using the matching fabric from the first chair.

So this project literally was the cost of the chair at $9.99, I had everything else already on hand; leftover paint, fabric and vinyl for the lettering on the back of the chair.
....and there they are side-by-side.  You can see my third machine there on the left; it's my old workhorse from the 80's that I still use!  It's awesome when I have multiple projects going at the same time.  The natural light that comes in right over my sewing table is awesome!

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