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Sunday, May 1, 2016


One of the things I wanted to do with my new studio was find a better solution for storing my fabric. I have a number of fabrics that I have rolled on cardboard cores and I didn't like the way they looked under my pattern table.   I knew there had to be a better option that was functional and eye appealing at the same time.........and here it is!
An old wine barrel.  It fits well with the decor and has a ton of room.  When I first started sourcing where I could purchase a barrel, what I found was really pricey.  Not what I had in mind.  With a little determination,  I found a local option  with some really great prices.

Now, I will tell you, I did have a couple of surprises that went along with my purchase.  First, all of the pictures on their website showed beautifully stained barrels.  However, when I picked mine up, that was not the case.
The picture to the left is what I picked up......secondly, the first thing my husband asked when we got it out of my car was "How do we get the top off?"  Huh, what top?  I didn't even realize when it was loaded for me that both ends of the barrel were sealed.

After a call back to the company for a little instruction, and a couple of You Tube videos, my husband was able to remove the top without the entire barrel falling apart.  (You really should watch a You Tube video on how these barrels are constructed.  It's fascinating)

Another surprise was in store once the lid was removed, inside the barrel are oak planks which are used for seasoning/aging.  My husband found out that many people purchase these and use them while barbecuing.  Needless to say, he has a whole box full now to have fun with this grilling season.

After we let the barrel air out for a while, (the garage smelled like a winery for a solid week.  The pungent odor of the wine was crazy!) and we found a pocket of spring days that was dry and warm, the finishing project could begin.

Although I was prepared to tackle the sanding, staining, and finishing, I have to give full credit to my husband for this project. What I've learned  over the years is when it comes to woodworking projects, he likes to take the lead.  I have to admit, he is really good at it.  So, I let him go for it.  

I absolutely love the way it looks......and, just as I had hoped, I was able to fill it chock-full of all of the large bolts of fabric that I've collected from my days in outer wear, as well as the items that I purchase large quantities of fairly regularly like various shades of tulle, and bridal satin.   So cool!!

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