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Friday, October 7, 2016


I really enjoyed working on this project.  This bride was the third sister of a three sister family, and I've had the pleasure of working with each one of them for their wedding day.    Lacey found herself a gorgeous lace overlay gown with a blush pink underlayer.  The color made it so unique and she looked absolutely beautiful in it!  She originally came to me to assist with hemming and the bustle.
Once we finished with those items, I asked whether she had considered adding a sash.  She said she was thinking about it, but hadn't found anything that she felt looked right.

The first sash that came to mind was one I had made with handmade chiffon flowers.   I thought it would really compliment the gown.  It was very light, romantic, and unique...just like the gown.  She tried it on along with a few other sashes that I had on hand, but without a doubt, this one was the "hands down" favorite.
I made her sash using the design elements from the sample that she tried on, although I customized it to make hers a true one-of-a-kind.   Because I had some lace scraps available after hemming her gown,  I added lace leaf accents, and found blush beads for the center of the smaller flower.  A few ostrich feathers, and a pearl swag and it was just right!  I had ordered the satin ribbon online and had my fingers and toes crossed until it arrived that their version of blush would be the right match for the gown.  I think I may have squealed when I opened the box since it was the exact color of the gown!

I also made Lacey a garter set, again pulling in touches of the blush color palette.

I wish I would have thought to take a picture or two of the bustle.  It was really pretty with eight bustle points around the seam just below the zipper.

Congrats Lacey!

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