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Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I've made a number of drink coasters over the years, but that didn't stop me from trying my hand at another technique I saw recently.  I had a number of aspen branch ovals leftover from when we had to take several of our mature aspens down in our backyard.
This project called for those ovals/circles and some pretty flower or botanical artwork.  Since I've always loved art which uses watercolor as the pigment, I chose to find a variety of watercolor flower images online.

Once I had those saved to my computer, I was ready to begin.  The technique is really unique.  You actually print the images on wax paper using your home printer!

Cut the wax paper the width of your paper (8 ½"), and approximately one inch longer than the paper (12").  Wrap the extra inch over the top of the paper and use a piece of scotch tape to hold it to the backside.

Feed the paper through your printer so the image prints on the wax paper.   Be very careful when removing the paper from the printer and when cutting the images out.

Dampen the wood circle with some water.  I used a spray bottle to spritz the wood then rubbed it around with my finger to dampen the entire area.

Carefully flip the image on top of the wood, ink side down.  Hold the wax paper with one hand, and begin using the other hand to transfer the image to the wood; I used my index finger in a circular motion.  The tutorial I reviewed used a credit card, to slide over the image....but I found that I didn't need that much pressure and by using my fingers I felt I had more control over the process.

You'll definitely be able to see as it begins to transfer to the wood.  Gently remove the wax paper and let the coasters dry for about couple of hours. I chose to add a top coat of Mod Podge on mine.  Using a sponge brush lightly coat the entire surface all the way to the edges.   I like the added protection that it offers, especially for a coaster.

Then I added cork to the bottoms.  I had some leftover cork from a previous project.  It came in a roll, so I traced the coasters, cut them out and hot glued them to the bottoms.  I've also used felt for this process, or even just felt or cork circles.  They all work great....but definitely take the time to add something to the bottom to keep them from scratching other surfaces.

I think they look so pretty!   Floral images on the wood is the perfect organic touch.  Now if you don't have any circles like I did, you can find them at many of the big box hobby stores, or even online.  

Now that I've seen how they look.  I'm thinking I may try a larger version and use it for wall art.  I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for just the right image!

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