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Thursday, February 7, 2019


Having just switched to a new comforter, it was time for new pillows to match the new color scheme.  You know how we women love our throw pillows!  I'll be honest, I purchased three pillows at Home Goods.  They were large, and down filled......great quality, they pulled in two of the three colors from the comforter and I just couldn't beat the price!

The one color I couldn't find anywhere, was a deep cocoa brown.  So, I found this awesome fabric at Hobby Lobby that actually looks like tooled leather, but it's a synthetic fabric.  So cool!
I got this baby done in just a few hours.  I couldn't stop once I got started.  Cutting out the circles, sewing the inverted darts and then stitching the pattern into place took the most time of course.  But, it was also fun.

I have a pillow in my guest room that has similar petals all over the top.   I really like it, but I had no luck finding them anywhere.  I guess it makes sense since I probably bought it 5 or 6 years ago.  So, I did what any good seamstress would do.....I removed one of the petals to use as a pattern and see how it was constructed to create the petal shape and went to town on my very own design.
I already had a pillow that I used for the fiberfill filling, so this baby cost me well under $10!  Plus, I still have fabric leftover.  I wouldn't dare however make another pillow since my husband would probably freak......he just doesn't get the whole throw pillows on the bed thing....go figure!?

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