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Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Sometimes I create items specifically for a client, other times, I just create for the sake of creating!  This is one of the latter.  I just had a vision for a cathedral veil with a very dramatic hemline that I just had to create.  It's now available on my Etsy shop and I'm hopeful there's a bride out there who loves it as much as I do!

This particular cathedral veil is exceptionally wide which will create a wonderful framework for the bride's gown.  It has large appliques around the perimeter and a centerpiece medallion drawing the eye up the center back. 
I used a different applique for the medallion and the side detailing.  I love the florals and leaves!  This veil is made of  a diamond white tulle and matching lace appliques.  It compliments the majority of gowns today since many brides are choosing a "bridal white" or "light ivory" for their gowns.  


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