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Sunday, July 26, 2020


Switching things up a bit to welcome another generation into our family.   I have a Great Niece due to arrive in early October, so I thought it only fitting that I create her first designer dress!
I have had this embroidered shantung fabric for some time now and it seemed this was the perfect opportunity to show it off!  I ordered the venice lace collar online and love how it accented the neckline just as I had visualized it would.

I think the florals and leaves on the collar compliment the florals and leaves on the skirt so perfectly!

In case you're wondering....I did fully line the dress to finish it off with a custom touch.

I chose a simple commercial pattern, which tend to run a bit big.  I'm thinking maybe by the time she's about 9-12 months old she'll be able to wear this.  I always like to gift clothes that the parents can look forward to as the baby starts growing.

All this dress needs, is some lace ankle socks and maybe a cute pair of shoes and she's going to look like a little doll!  Can't wait to see it on her.

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