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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This project was really fun!

 The guest bath was in need of an update, since the sponge paint and wallpaper border from 17 years ago was screaming circa 1990's; it was high time we stepped into the 21st century.  In case you are noticing a home improvement theme in my posts, you are.  We've been in our house for 17 years and it's time for some changes.  With a graduation in the Spring and a wedding in the Fall bringing family to town, we have some built-in deadlines to get these projects accomplished.   The "honey-do" list has been never ending.

With a fresh coat of pale green paint (thank you Dear!) on the walls,  it was time for some new decor.  The shower curtain was the main focus of the room and I needed to pull together the curtain, countertop (this wasn't going to change, even though I would love to swap it out) and paint.   How about a wall decoration?  Out with the framed print and in with a sassy new decoupage tile arrangement.  ( I apologize in advance for the first few pictures, the bathroom lighting leaves a bit to be desired.)

I have to say, I'm pleased with the results...and you can't beat the price.  The entire project set me back under $20.

The first step is to head to your local home improvement store for some bathroom tiles; I chose our local Home Depot.   Obviously, they have all sorts to choose from.

Next up, choose some scrapbook papers to create the color combinations you would like to accent the room.  These 12x12 sheets are all of .59 each and I hit a 50% off sale.  I selected twelve complimentary patterns for my project.

 I used Mod Podge (I love this stuff) to glue the paper to the tile, as well as to apply the protective coat over the top.  Here are my tips:
                  • Work on one tile at a time
                  • Be prepared when you first apply the glue to the tile to set the paper in place, there may be creases and or bubbles that begin to form.  Use your fingers to smooth those out.
                  •  Start applying the top coat to the paper itself immediately after gluing the paper to the tile; use your fingers to smooth as you go.  Remember, this is a "handcrafted" item, so it's okay to have a few creases or bubbles (let go of any OCD tendencies you may have)

Once you've finished with the Mod Podge,  hot glue the entire piece to a piece of foam core board.  This will provide additional stability with minimal additional weight.

The finishing touches included trim for the perimeter, bows and picture frame hangers.  The tiles are hanging from the picture frame hangers that I super glued to the foam core backing.The bows are purely decoration versus weight bearing. 

I'm thinking about stenciling the walls and possibly etching the mirror (that will be a new experience for me); then a few new hand towels in complimentary accent colors and we're good to go!

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