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Sunday, July 22, 2012


 When I asked my daughter's friend how I could be of help for the bridal shower, she asked me if I could make some cake pops (she had been to the graduation party recently when I had a table full to choose from) and if I could also help with the favors.  She already had something she had planned, but wanted to have two goodies for the guests.  So, I asked what she thought of giving homemade sugar scrub.  I've given sugar scrub before for Christmas gifts and she thought it was a novel idea, so here's a look at an easy and fun gift giving idea.
 The first thing I did was find some cute jars.  The Container Store had some fun little jelly jars that I thought would be just the right size.  Next up, lid covers and labels....where else but my neighborhood Hobby Lobby, of course.  The color theme for the shower was black and white with pink accents.  That's so popular right now, that I knew I would have a wonderful selection of craft items to choose from.
I found a package of blank white labels.  On the front side, I decorated and titled the tags "Sugar Scrub".   I had fun with paints, markers and glitter decorating them all.

On the back of the card I wrote:
"Made by my hands for your hands"

I found some great black and white damask looking scrapbook paper.  I traced the lid size and went to town cutting circles and gluing them to the lids. 

Sugar scrub is so easy to make, and most gals really like it.  It's a special treat for the hands and heels of your feet too!

You'll find all sorts of more extravagant versions available, but I keep mine simple with just a few ingredients needed:
  • Use a simple 2:1 ratio of sugar to grape seed oil
    • You find both of these at your favorite grocery store
  • Add whatever type of essential oils you want to add for fragrance. 
    •  I have used grapefruit and lemon; I love both since they are light and citrus based versus really perfume based.  They remind me of summer and give a special spa-like feel. 
    • I found the oils I used at a health food store, with the other aromatherapy goodies.                              
  • Food coloring 
    • For this project is was a touch of red to make it a light pink.           
 That's all there is to it!  The scrub itself, depending on how much you are making takes five-ten minutes tops.  Then spoon the mixture into the jars, add some ribbon, the label and attach a little spoon.  I found these at World Market.  So, add another ten minutes for each jar and you've got a simple and special calorie free treat that will be enjoyed for weeks to come.
Oh.....and don't forget to make a jar for yourself! :)


  1. by adding the food coloring, did it happen to stain your skin?

  2. Hi! Sounds simple enough! Was the grape seed oil in addition to the essential oils you used, or what that the oil you chose for fragrance?

  3. The grape seed oil is in addition to the essential oils. Think of the grape seed oil as the "conditioning" oil to make your hands soft and the essential oils are used for the fragrance.

    Have fun!


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