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Sunday, July 29, 2012


I mentioned in my previous post that I was on cake pop duty for my daughter's bridal shower, so of course I wanted to come up with a fun bridal shower themed display....after all, next to eating the cake pops, that's my favorite part!  So, I decided to use a parasol in the black and white colors chosen for the occasion. 

The tip of the parasol is a wine bottle stopper that I found in the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby.  What a find!!! 

So now that you've seen some of the detail, let me tell you about how I constructed it.  First, I picked up a styrofoam cone and a styrofoam heart;a roll of white tulle; black and white damask scrapbook paper; white ruffle trim; black flowers;and another find was the black curlique paper you see near the bottle stopper (they were also in the clearance aisle....they are paper napkin rings)
The cone obviously became the body of the parasol; I broke the heart into two pieces and cut a smidge off the base to become the handle.  To secure it into the body I took a piece of wire hangar and placed one end up into the core of the handle and the other into the cone.  For good measure, I used the glue gun as well. 

Then it was a matter of wrapping the cone with the tulle strips; I twisted as I went.  That way it resembled an umbrella when it's in the closed position and snapped tightly shut.

I wrapped the handle with the black/white scrapbook paper using ModPodge to glue it onto the handle and then I coated it with ModPodge to give it a nice finish.  The ruffle trim went around the top, near the handle.  I glued the entire parasol onto a foam core board I had wrapped with a black/white tissue paper.  I only put six pops into the parasol; the rest I put in little cups around the board.  I glued one cup to the board; the pop was sitting inside a second cup that could just be taken from the board.
Since I needed to drive it to the restaurant, I didn't put the pops into the parasol until I got there.  Those on the board I knew would be okay, if I took it slow.  So, after driving like a granny the entire way, and going over the railroad tracks in slow motion.....I made it and my "babies" did okay enroute.   
I had made some "pilot holes" in the parasol with a screwdriver, so that I could easily put the pops in without the sticks breaking or bending.
They were pretty tasty, if I do say so myself.  I made lemon cake and chocolate cake and had three different coatings: white, milk chocolate and dark mint chocolate.  I always have leftover cake when I make cake pops since I make a 9x13 inch sheet cake of each flavor.  I use half of each flavor and freeze the rest.   I know, I know I could make just one cake and call it good....but what fun would that be?    It was a great day.  My daughter looked especially pretty and so HAPPY!  We were missing some important family members, but that happens when family is spread out all over the country.  We were grateful to spend the afternoon with those who could make it and the wonderful friends we've made over the years, some date back to before Katie was born!

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