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Saturday, March 23, 2013


I had this romantic idea of making petit fours for Easter.  I think they're so cute and dainty.  I scoured recipes, Pinterest and the like and with what I read I was confident I could pull this off.    Well, I'll take you through the steps and show you the end product.  I'm not too proud to share my failures; I'm just bummed they didn't turn out as I had hoped.

The Petit Fours of my dreams

Petit Four Disaster....not even Martha can save these suckers!

I started with a store bought pound cake (like many of the recipes suggested); and cut it into 1 inch squares.  Easy enough.... I even cut some into two pieces to make a layer cake and used seedless raspberry jam for the filling....yummy!    That's where the fun ended and the disaster began.  The frosting recipe came together well--but obviously there's a technique, tip, trick whatever you want to call it that these bakers didn't quite                              want to let go of...        Sounds simple, just pour the frosting over the pieces; and use a spatula to help with the sides.  REALLY????   As I used the spatula, crumbs flaked into the frosting...all the while the frosting on the top of the cake was hardening very quickly.  So, I tried another technique, forget transferring the frosting into something you can pour with; I just used a gravy ladle and spooned it over the cakes...better, but still bare spots on the sides and more frosting was on the cake pan underneath the wire rack than was on the cakes!  REALLY?  Okay, how about I pick up the cakes in one hand and while holding it use a knife to scoop the icing right onto the side of the cake while holding it over the bowl.  Plop..right into the bowl...the sucker broke apart.  REALLY!!  That's it...I'm done!!  So, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.  No more petit fours for me...well, I mean no more home made petit fours.  I'll order them online with plenty of time to spare for Easter 2014.  For this Easter, I guess I'll look at the good 'ole recipe book for one of my tried and true desserts that I know the family enjoys.   Happy Easter!

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