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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I feel like I hit the "mother lode".  I just bought myself a new serger; I had an industrial serger ages ago and it caused me such heartache, I got rid of it and went back to finishing my seams with the overedge options on my sewing machine (believe it or not, I'm using the Kenmore sewing machine I received as a college graduation present).  I know, that's double the seams; but it was truly less aggravation.  So, I started doing research on sergers again knowing that technology improves with time.   I made a decision to purchase a Brother machine and started using it this past weekend.  Awesome!  I can't wait to really dive in to all the features it has to offer.
But, even better I also hit an awesome fabric sale through a local designer who was selling off fabrics and trims at below wholesale prices.  She had some amazing deals which will work great for the bridal designs I have in mind.  Look at the scrumptious white fabric with the embroidered flowers, it just screamed FLOWER GIRL to me.  I'm about half-way finished with a dress already!
The beautiful pearl and sequin encrusted alencon lace is just a remnant; but it doesn't take much to add some embellishment to the bodice or skirt of a wedding gown!

I'll be posting pics of the finished products....and for those of you who may be wondering what ever happened to the lace overlay gown?'s finished!  My daughter and I had planned our styled photo shoot this past Saturday but were snowed out.  So, you'll just have to wait a bit longer.  The unveiling (just a little bridal humor) is re-scheduled for mid-April. 

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