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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I am totally infatuated with Shutterfly.  I have created several photo books through their website, plus I created a "share site" after my daughter's wedding to share the photographs from her wedding with our family members that are scattered all across the country.    Their products are so cool and their customer service is awesome!
  I just finished my fifth photo book.  My first adventure was to create a book for my mother-in-law of our 2009 family reunion pictures from Winter Park.   That was followed by three wedding albums, and my latest was from our recent trip to Sedona.  They have all types of options in the way of sizes, covers and page types, plus if you're creative like me you can really have fun creating your own custom book with embellishments, backgrounds and text boxes.
My next big project is to scan the really old family pictures and put together a series of family heritage albums that I can pass on to my daughter.   I have so many old photo        albums that are just falling apart, including my own wedding album; the photos are aging and the pages are a mess.  Some of these pictures are absolutely priceless and date back to the 1920's!   If I don't do something to preserve them, they won't be available for generations to come.  Check out their website.....they always seem to be running some type of special discounts, including free shipping from time-to-time.

It's so cool, pulling into my driveway and seeing the orange Shutterfly box waiting on my front door step with my latest book in it.   Enjoy!

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